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If your AWS bill keeps rising — and your blood pressure is doing the same — then you should be working with our team of cloud cost management experts.

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The Status Quo is Expensive

Change is scary. But, the true cost of inaction is scarier. Duckbill works with clients to find cost-effective, practical solutions to your cloud cost concerns that you can actually implement. With an engineering-led and finance conscious approach, we’ve saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Software Alone Won’t Cut it

Solving hard problems takes more than software. The root causes of high cloud cost can’t be solved by software alone. It takes human expertise and teams working together. We work alongside engineering and finance teams to offer in depth, actionable expertise you can use to tailor your AWS architecture to your needs and your budget.

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The Proof is in the Profit

Duckbill builds a comprehensive, bird’s-eye view of your unique AWS use case, and then dives straight into every detail. We leave no stone unturned. We leave no variable unconsidered. This helps our clients run their AWS operations confidently, and cost-effectively.

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in AWS
Contract value

Duckbill’s negotiation pays for itself and then some. We’ve helped clients negotiate billions in contract value.


annual client
AWS spend

Our clients aren’t spinning up side projects. They’re scaling their business. We make sure they’re getting the most out of AWS.


call away from
saving millions

Duckbill helps clients prepare for their AWS future, while saving on AWS costs right now. Use today’s savings to fuel tomorrow’s growth.

Why Clients Choose Duckbill

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We work for you — not AWS

We get along great with AWS. But we work for you. Our recommendations are exclusively focused on streamlining your architecture — and tailoring your AWS contract to save you money.

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Get tailored expertise

Our guidance focuses on the way you use AWS, and the way your product or business operates. We don’t present ways you could have rebuilt your architecture in another life. The expertise we deliver is practical, actionable, and designed to be implemented. Because we’re engineers ourselves, we understand the constraints your company faces.

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Our price is fixed

We care deeply about ethical business practices. That belief defines our pricing. Our incentives are in the right place. We offer clear, transparent pricing that’s easy to parse.

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