Is your AWS bill out of control?

We’ve saved our clients…


If your AWS bill keeps rising — and your blood pressure is doing the same — then you should be working with our team of cloud cost management experts.

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Why choose us over “the competition”?

DIYing landed you here. SaaS can’t do what we do. Giant consulting firms will fee you to death. And AWS… well, they’re not exactly famous for their support.
Here are 4 reasons to work with our expert cloud cost management team:

We work for you, not AWS.

When you work with us, you can be sure that we always have your best interests in mind. We don’t partner with any cost optimization vendors. We don’t help AWS close deals. Heck, we’re not even AWS partners. We don’t get a dime from anyone for recommending you do something. We work for you.

We tailor recommendations to your business.

AWS’ Cost Explorer and many cloud cost optimization vendors are fantastic at analyzing savings improvements like Reserved Instance purchase opportunities, resizing of over-spec’d instances to more cost-efficient sizes, and identifying idle EBS volumes. Where these solutions really suck? They have zero context about your business. So you often end up with little more than a list of changes you can’t actually make, because they don’t reflect the reality of your organization’s infrastructure

We get to the point.

No one likes a bone-dry, 80-page report of Yet More Stuff to Implement. More importantly, no one has time to read those — let alone put them to use. That’s why we focus on the big wins, not the minutiae. We give you a concrete plan that considers your current architecture and your future goals.

We don’t take a percentage of your bill.

We only bill one way: fixed-fee. You’ll always know what our help will cost before you sign anything, and if you’re not thrilled with our work, we’ll refund every cent. We’ve worked with dozens of clients collectively spending over $1B on AWS, and no one has ever asked for a refund.

Plus, we’re fun.

That’s not usually a quality you find in cloud services consulting, so we had to tell you about it.


How you can lower your bill with us

More about our services

AWS Cost Optimization

  • Lower your AWS bill with our 100% Money-Back Guaranteed cost optimization services
  • Keep Engineering on-task.
  • Take action sooner rather than later.

Did we mention we literally guarantee we’ll find places you can save?

Billie AWS Contract Negotiation

AWS Contract Negotiation

  • Stop paying retail prices on AWS
  • Identify what a great deal looks like (for finance and engineering)
  • Have us liaise, advocate, and negotiate with Amazon on your behalf

We’ll get right to the heart of what you want from your partnership with AWS.


Our clients love us

More from our clients
Quote Icon The most helpful part was having access to Duckbill Group as experts to answer questions about AWS infrastructure (such as Cloudwatch and Redshift). Things that may or may not help with saving money exactly, but will set us up to build infrastructure that will scale better with respect to cost over time.
Dylan Fried,  CTO & Chief Risk Officer,  Lendable