We help companies fix their horrifying AWS bills.

We've worked with several large companies you've heard of and, collectively, have consulted on $1bn in AWS spend and rising.

The services we provide fall into four groups:

"The Bill Is Too Damn High"

The primary problem we solve comes down to simply making the horrifying bill less, well, horrifying. In addition to our work on simply reducing the bill, we help companies understand where they're spending money and the levers at their disposal to control that spend.

Cloud governance

Sadly, there are no standard, off-the-shelf, paint-by-number stories in the world of cloud governance; it's quite unique to each company and their concerns. We help teams navigate these waters and come to decisions on what matters to them, what doesn't, why, and then to implement a governance strategy that works without causing every engineer in the company to resign out of frustration.

AWS Enterprise Agreement (EA) and EDP (Enterprise Discount Program) negotiation

As these agreements aren't exactly public knowledge, the data on what AWS will budge on and what they won't is sparse, to say the least. During the course of our work, we see a lot of these, so we're able to help companies negotiate for what they want without, for example, spending months of legal effort on something AWS categorically won't negotiate on.

Cost optimization retainer

For our clients who desire cloud cost optimization and governance experts at their easy disposal, we offer a monthly retainer for a fixed fee.

We are a neutral third-party: we're not partners with AWS (or any cloud infrastructure vendor, for that matter) and we don't help AWS close deals. Any advice we give is based on what's best for you, rather than what's best for AWS/GCP/Azure/et al.

I do what I do to help companies address their horrifying AWS bills — horrifying both in terms of being "expensive" and "unpredictable."

Cloud Economist Corey Quinn has a history as an engineering manager, public speaker, and advocate for business resilience through processes that aren't actively ridiculous. He fixes the horrifying AWS bill without impacting the engineers using it.

Outside of his professional work, Corey is known for overdressing, telling entertaining stories, and carrying a cigarette case full of drink umbrellas.

Mike Julian is the Editor and Analyst for Monitoring Weekly, where he covers everything about the world of monitoring & observability.

He hosts the Real World DevOps Podcast, is the author of O'Reilly's Practical Monitoring, and consults with enterprises on monitoring architecture and strategy. He was previously an SRE/DevOps Engineer/system administrator for companies such as Taos Consulting, Peak Hosting, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and many more. Mike is originally from Knoxville, TN (Go Vols!) and currently resides in Portland, OR.