Show Don’t Tell

We’ll show you where you can save in a thorough but still digestible brief — not at the bottom of a 200 page report.

The Duckbill engineers reviewing your AWS environment are well-versed in AWS and uniquely talented at finding areas to save, while optimizing for performance, and factoring in your product roadmap.

Instead of pulling your engineers away from working on mission-critical projects to pore over an AWS bill, we’ll do the digging for you. From quick wins you can adopt easily, to heartier projects, and long-term efforts, we’ll present you different ways to reel in cloud costs.

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Show me the Numbers:


targeted in cost reduction


implemented in under a month

When we identify an opportunity to save, we aim for 15-20% in cost reduction. On average, 60% of the opportunities we identify take less than a month of engineering time to implement.* After all, time is money. We help you save both.

* This statistic was reviewed, vetted, and approved by an engineer, not marketing.

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“When Duckbill Group’s report said we’d save millions of dollars annually, everyone could see this would be a big win.”
John Sheeley,  Director of Cloud Engineering,  Fanatics

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