AWS Cost Optimization

Do you feel like your AWS spend is starting to spiral out of control? Are you trying to find ways to bring it back into the “not totally obscene” range? Whether you’re trying to increase your startup’s runway, improve profitability of your established company, or simply get better controls over your unit economics, we’re here to help.

Before you start thinking about ways to conveniently disappear during next quarter’s budget meeting, let’s chat.


We’ve done this before. Here’s how it works.

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Step 1: We take a look at your bill.

We see a lot of them! Based on our experience, we’ll look for the first-pass opportunities for improvement, identify areas of concern, and figure out where the money is actually going.

AWS Cost Optimization

Step 2: We talk to your teams.

Any automated tool can recommend you turn off idle EC2 instances; most automated tools will recommend you turn off your DR site. Unlike automated tools, we look for the context: what are you doing and why? We figure out where you are, what your constraints are, and where your business is going in the near-term and long-term.

AWS Cost Optimization

Step 3: We write a report. It’s probably not what you’d expect.

We write a report of 5-8 optimizations you can do to reduce your bill. They make sense for your organization’s objectives, they won’t take long to implement.

AWS Cost Optimization

Step 4: We follow up!

A month after delivering our report, we will check back in with you to see things are going. We’ll take a look at what you’ve implemented, what you haven’t, identify any obstacles, and determine what makes sense as a next step. Was one of our recommendations more work than anyone suspected? Let’s find a way to fix that!

Why don’t I just use one of the SaaS tools?

You absolutely can and we recommend it! Our services are complementary to the common cost optimization tools, not a direct replacement for them. So what do we do differently?

Simply put, there’s no API for business insight.

The SaaS cost optimization tools are great, but they lack the nuance and understanding that a human has into your business and environment.

We worked with a client to cut their bill roughly in half through some somewhat-minor architecture changes. That’s something the cost optimization tools would never find, simply because ithey’re not capable of thinking about solutions beyond solutions like instance right-sizing, purchasing RIs,  and applying S3 lifecycle policies.

While we do often find more savings than the SaaS platforms do in those same areas, our help goes well beyond that and into architecture and engineering (our cloud cost analysts are all SREs with finance education & training).

Should I try to tackle low-hanging fruit before working with you?

It’s up to you!

That said, we see a lot of different environments–often a few dozen in a year–while you’re working in only one a year. This allows us to see different ways of doing things that may impact those “easy” wins. No one likes to be the person who has to tell finance that the $2mm Reserved Instance purchase made last month is money-down-the-drain, after all.

Working with us sooner rather than later gives you the benefit of our knowledge and insight earlier in the process, thereby saving you even more money.

Can you help with my Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)?

We’ve helped several clients negotiate their EAs and EDPs by helping them understand what’s truly important to them, what’s not, and providing insight on what we’ve seen in other AWS agreements and what AWS categorically won’t budge on.

We often help with EAs and EDPs as part of a cost optimization project.

Let me guess, you’re “only” going to charge me 3% of savings?

Absolutely not. We believe charging a percentage of savings sets up a perverse incentive for us to pump up our findings with unrealistic recommendations.

Instead, we charge a fixed fee. You will know how much our assistance will cost before you ever sign anything. That’s certainly more than you can say for the cost optimization tools.

Our Work is 100% Money-back Guaranteed.

This isn’t one of those empty guarantees you skip past: if you aren’t singing our praises from the board room by the time we’re done, we’ll give you a full and immediate refund of the entire engagement’s fee.

We really do believe that strongly about our services, and most notably, not a single client of ours has ever asked for it.