What exactly does the Duckbill Group do?

As a company, we help people improve their experiences in working with AWS. We do this through our media properties and our boutique consulting practice.

On the Media side of the house, we focus on helping people stay up to date on the latest news in the AWS ecosystem through our newsletter, Last Week in AWS, two podcasts, Screaming in the Cloud and AWS Morning Brief, and public speaking at conferences and vendor events.

On the Consulting side of things, we help companies fix the horrifying AWS bill by making it both smaller and easier to understand. We provide our clients with expert advice and peace-of-mind around their AWS costs.


Benefits & Perks

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The company covers healthcare at 100% of the premium. Yes, you really don’t pay anything. We believe healthcare is a human right.



The company also provides vision insurance and covers 100% of the premium. It’s pretty tough to do your job if you can’t see!



The company also provides dental insurance and covers 100% of the premium. Billie’s teeth are great – but don’t worry… he won’t bite.



All employees are eligible for our 401k plan. We’ll match your contribution 100% up to 6% of your salary, and it vests immediately.


Corporate Card

Screwing around with reimbursements just sounds awful, so every employee receives a corporate American Express card. Use it for any business expenses you need, whether it’s travel, meals with clients, software, etc.


Travel Perks

All employees expected to be traveling regularly for clients will receive the full complement of travel perks: CLEAR membership, Global Entry & TSA PreCheck, airline lounge membership with the airline of your choice, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and even new luggage if you want it.


Office Setup

As we’re a fully-distributed company, your office is where ever you choose for it to be. We want you as comfortable and productive as possible, so we’ll cover the cost of home office setup up to $3,000 and the cost of your home internet.


Continuing Education

We expect you to keep improving your skills, whether they’re technical or not. We’ll cover the cost of any classes, conferences, etc. you want to do up to $2,000 a year.

Billie Lounging with Trees


We believe time away from work makes you a happier person (and more productive!). While some companies offer “unlimited” vacation policies, studies have shown employees take *less* vacation time than would with a normal vacation policy. We don’t want you ever feeling guilty about taking time off, so we offer a totally normal vacation policy.

Full-time employees are entitled to 15 days of vacation per year. This time is your time; you’ve earned it.


Diversity & Inclusion

We’re building a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other.

  • We hire adults.
  • We value transparency, autonomy, experimentation, and kind, direct feedback.
  • We welcome nontraditional candidates, and people of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.

We’re an equal opportunity employer and our hiring process is structured to put you at ease and help you demonstrate your best work. If we are doing a poor job of this at any time, please let us know.

We hire for strengths, not absence of weakness. Come do great things with us.


Open Positions

See one that catches your fancy? We’d love to talk to you.