AWS Contract Negotiation is complex and time-consuming

As possibly the most experienced AWS contract negotiators outside of AWS itself, our experts can negotiate on your behalf with AWS to ensure you end up with favorable contracts and custom discount terms.

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Given the stakes, expert guidance is well worth it

As possibly the most experienced AWS contract negotiators outside of AWS itself, we review 2-4 of these contracts each month, on average. That means when we negotiate on your behalf with AWS, we know what to say to ensure you end up with favorable contracts and custom discount terms. 

This is an advisory-only engagement, during which we’ll work for you to help you get the deal done. The Duckbill Group will act as agents of your company, liaising between Finance, Engineering, and everyone on the AWS side to get you the best deal as quickly as possible.

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Quote Icon Working with Duckbill was a game changer. We went from a negotiation where our cloud provider knew all the levers available and we had little to go by, to one where we had access to real time market data and cloud negotiation strategy expertise. Even though our negotiation had several complex elements, Duckbill was able to reach a very favorable outcome in only a few weeks, and supplied comparative data of our deal terms that was valuable for gaining stakeholder approval. Overall we highly recommend Duckbill and would be eager to work with them again when delving into cloud provider negotiations.
Anonymous,  Engineering Leadership,  A computationally-driven biotech startup

What it’s like to have the Duckbill Group on your team

When we’re involved, these contract negotiations go smoother and finish faster, which means there’s less headache for you, AND you get to use your new discounts sooner.

We start our work with discussions with Product and Engineering about their growth plans (and what Amazon may or may not already know), as well as discussing desires, constraints, and strategy with internal stakeholders. 

Next, we tackle forecasting and scenario planning to identify what a good deal looks like from a financial perspective. We have financial analysts on staff who specialize in building out models based on data from Product and Engineering, for your Finance department.

Ongoing, we liaise between your company and Amazon. We ask questions, advocate on your behalf, and (if necessary) correct assumptions that AWS may be making. We’re not afraid to say, “No, Amazon — you’re right on this, but wrong on this other thing. Here’s what we’d really like.” 

Plus, while we work together on your contract negotiation, you’ll get unlimited access to our staff of financial analysts and cloud economists whenever you need us. In fact, everyone’s invited to this party: because we’re also connected with an extensive network of AWS staff, we can work on problems on your behalf. 

Couldn’t we just negotiate these discounts ourselves?

You could, but negotiating these discounts can get very complicated (and we’re not just being patronizing). Negotiating the layers of pricing and discounts across EDPs and PPAs with AWS feels like the process of buying a new car, with all the confusion, frustration, and hair gel that implies. The value of an external expert saying “Yes, that’s a good deal” or “No, you can do better” is quite high.

We help by cutting through the crap.

We know what AWS will budge on, what they won’t, and what their general negotiation strategy tends to be. That means we can help you get a great deal in a fraction of the time it would take you to DIY. Instead of wasting effort where nothing can be gained, we’ll get right to the heart of what you want from your partnership with AWS.

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What you get

The deliverables for contract negotiation are not set in stone (unlike Route 53’s abysmal API). We may deliver financial models and forecasts, scenario planning, formal recommendation documents, and/or presentations as needed. The primary measure of success is whether or not The Duckbill Group obtains a favorable contract offer for your company.

You’re probably thinking…

Can you share an AWS contract negotiation success story?

Alas, no. The details of EDPs or PPAs for a company are under strict NDA. 

We cannot confirm or deny if any particular company we’ve worked with has a specific contract with AWS or what our involvement might have been in negotiations. Rest assured, AWS contract negotiation is something with which we’re highly experienced. We consult on 2-4 of these per month, on average.

What role will The Duckbill Group play in this process?

As outside experts on this topic, we’re here to guide you through the opaque nature of AWS contract negotiation and help you get the best deal for your organization. 

Depending on what you want from us, there are two roles we can play:

  • Running point and negotiating on your behalf. We’ll help you figure out what you want, liaise between your company and Amazon, ask questions, and advocate on your behalf during negotiations. 
  • Support role, with someone else running point. We’ll help you figure out what you want, advise you on your negotiation strategy, and act in a support role throughout the process.

How long does it take for you to negotiate these contracts?

It varies.

We’ve seen these negotiations go as quickly as 2 weeks or take as long as a year. We can generally get deals inked within 2-3 months.

3 very good reasons to partner with us to negotiate your AWS contract

We work for you, not AWS

No kickbacks, no vested interests, and no secret deal percentages. You can trust us to be transparent and plainspoken (sometimes even eloquent).

We get it done

This isn’t a vague partnership with no end in sight — it’s a single service with a clear KPI. Refreshing, right? After you sign your favorable new contract(s), YOU get to choose whether you’d like to continue working with us. Many clients do.

We do this a lot

We see more AWS contract negotiations than many AWS Account Managers see — and certainly more than most engineering and finance leaders do. We know what sorts of things AWS will give away, which areas they’ll negotiate on, and which asks are categorically non-negotiable. That means we can speed up negotiations (by not wasting time where nothing can be gained), get right to the heart of what you want from a partnership with AWS, and get you into more favorable contract terms faster.

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