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It’s Not Our First Rodeo

Simply put — we’ve done this before. We’ve consulted on over 2 billion dollars worth of AWS contracts. We’ve worked alongside dozens of businesses to find exactly what levers to pull when, where to push AWS, and where to stand firm.

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Finding the Right Fit
Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Our deep knowledge of the AWS architecture that powers your business, and AWS’ internal operations, gives us unique insights into contract negotiation. We know how to work efficiently with AWS to speed up and smooth out the negotiation process, while making sure you save on your AWS costs.

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A Contract You Can Grow Into

The contract you’ve got today might not fit your business tomorrow. We can help you understand what AWS commitments serve your business today, and serve your needs tomorrow. With Duckbill at the table, you can sign AWS contracts with confidence knowing every discount and every detail has been considered.

Show Me the Numbers:


average ROI after contract negotiation

The negotiation process pays for itself — about 40 times over. On average, Duckbill clients see 40x ROI after contract negotiation.

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Working with Duckbill was a game changer. We went from a negotiation where our cloud provider knew all the levers available and we had little to go by, to one where we had access to real time market data and cloud negotiation strategy expertise. Even though our negotiation had several complex elements, Duckbill was able to reach a very favorable outcome in only a few weeks, and supplied comparative data of our deal terms that was valuable for gaining stakeholder approval. Overall we highly recommend Duckbill and would be eager to work with them again when delving into cloud provider negotiations.”
Anonymous,  Engineering Leadership,  A computationally-driven biotech startup

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