Corey Quinn Headshot

Corey Quinn

Chief Cloud Economist Dot Divider

Corey is the Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group. Corey’s unique brand of snark combines with a deep understanding of AWS’s offerings, unlocking a level of insight that’s both penetrating and hilarious. He lives in San Francisco with his spouse and daughter.

Mike Julian Headshot

Mike Julian

CEO Dot Divider

Beside his duties as The Duckbill Group’s CEO, Mike is the author of O’Reilly’s Practical Monitoring, and previously wrote the Monitoring Weekly newsletter and hosted the Real World DevOps podcast. He was previously a DevOps Engineer for companies such as Taos Consulting, Peak Hosting, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and many more. Mike is originally from Knoxville, TN (Go Vols!) and currently resides in Portland, OR.

Dan Shapiro

Dan Shapiro

Chief Financial Officer Dot Divider

Dan is the Chief Financial Officer at The Duckbill Group, handling all things finance and accounting for the company. His job is to put numbers and data to Corey and Mike’s big ideas. After earning his CPA in New York, Dan dedicated his early career to education, helping build eight schools across two continents. He now lives in Westchester, NY with his beautiful wife and two boys.

Meagan Barnard

Meagan Barnard

Editorial & Executive Assistant Dot Divider

The woman behind the scenes keeping our media publications running smoothly and in tip-top shape. She lives with her husband and two adorable dachshunds in San Francisco.

Caroline Carter Headshot

Caroline Carter

Sponsorship Sales Dot Divider

Caroline is a French and Spanish major turned tech aficionado. She did a coding bootcamp in Paris and then moved to San Francisco where she began doing SaaS sales before joining Duckbill to manage sponsorship sales.

Jesse DeRose Headshot

Jesse DeRose

Cloud Economist Dot Divider

Jesse is a seasoned systems engineer with an eye for detail and a deep passion for operational success. He’s helped Engineering orgs large and small shape their AWS infrastructure and DevOps best practices. Jesse’s engaging communication style helps him turn overwhelming bills and spreadsheets into actionable, achievable goals. He currently overpays for an apartment in San Francisco, CA.


Pete Cheslock

Cloud Economist Dot Divider

Pete is a recovering system administrator who got his start with AWS services back in 2009 while at Sonian, the first cloud-based email archiving platform. As one of the earliest and largest uses of AWS, Pete ran technical operations and brought DevOps theory into action. Pete has worked for other companies such as Dyn, Threat Stack, and CHAOSSEARCH, managing large scale AWS deployments. A frequent speaker at DevOps and Observability events, Pete brings a product mindset to SaaS operations. While not obsessing over ways to trim AWS bills, he spends his free time smoking meats and tweeting about the results.


Kevin Kuchta

Software Engineer Dot Divider

Noted code terrorist Kevin Kuchta spends his free time building abominations like a Javascript DSL in Ruby, a CSS-only chat system, and a databaseless URL shortener in AWS Lambda. With that out of his system, he does less ridiculous engineering on The Duckbill Group’s internal tools. The rest of his days are spent as a homebrewer and comic artist in San Francisco, CA

Platypus Headshot

Billie the Platypus

SVP of Corporate Communications Dot Divider

I’m Billie, The Duckbill Group’s SVP of Corporate Communications. I have a duckbill, I lay eggs, and get this–I’m venomous! As there have been no recorded human fatalities, I probably won’t kill you–but you’ll hurt like absolute hell for months. “Who the @&%!? gives someone like you an executive job?!” you might reasonably ask. Welcome to the Duckbill Group.