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Engineering-Led, Finance-Driven

Duckbill champions an engineering-led approach to reducing your AWS bill. But, we know it takes two to make architecture, contracts, and AWS bills go right. We work with both your finance and engineering teams to offer you practical and powerful ways to optimize your spend and prepare for your company’s future.

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Engineering Teams

Engineers should have the freedom to focus on the projects that are mission critical to your business, and the peace of mind that comes with cost-aware architecture.

Instead of tackling AWS bills on a reactionary basis, or pulling engineers away from projects to address spend, Duckbill empowers engineering orgs with the knowledge they need to tweak their AWS environment to lower costs. From unpacking how you’re transferring data, scaling compute, building effective data lifecycles, and more, we consider every detail in assessing your AWS bill.

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“As a result of the cost-optimization work we did with Duckbill, we reduced our AWS bill by 25%—immediately. While we could have done this on our own, it would have taken much longer and we would have wasted a lot of cash along the way.”
Fabian Lange,  Founder and VP of Engineering,  Instana
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Finance Teams

Duckbill brings clarity and accuracy to the often-opaque AWS bill.

In shining a light on your AWS environment, we can draw clear lines between what product, team, or project contributes to different areas of spend across AWS. Then, we use that contextual information knowledge to help track performance, forecast spend, and negotiate better deals with AWS.

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“Now that we know exactly what each business unit spends in AWS, we can plan with far greater accuracy and pre-purchase resources at a reduced price. That allows us to trim the bill by 20-30%.
Tim Johnson,  Director of IT,  Hornblower Cruises and Events
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