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Understanding Data Transfer in AWS

The answer to “how much does it cost to move a gigabyte of data in AWS?” is, as it turns out, rather complex. We dove deep into AWS documentation (finding a bug here and there, even!) and hounded an untold number of AWS employees to come up with all the different prices and cost paths.

Last Updated November 2022

AWS Basics One-Pager

AWS isn’t a distinct product. It’s well over 200 products. Nobody, including AWS employees, is deeply familiar with all of them. We made you this one-pager that covers basically all you need to know in early discussion phases. (You can learn the rest as it comes up – the same way the rest of us do.)

Last Updated September 2021

AWS Storage Calculator

The Unconventional Guide to AWS Cost Management

Managing and optimizing cloud costs is a complex, challenging problem that every company faces as their cloud spend grows.

Do you find yourself struggling to answer Finance’s questions about why the AWS bill is so high? Or the product manager’s questions about what it costs to run their product?

In The Unconventional Guide to AWS Cost Management, you’ll learn how your organization can approach managing cloud costs, the Duckbill Group’s Cloud Cost Maturity Model, and 10 specific, unconventional tips to help you optimize your AWS Cloud Spend.

Last Updated September 2021

AWS Guide to Cost Management

Lower Your AWS Bill

AWS Bill First Pass

  • Compressed version of our deep-dive Cost Optimization Project
  • A single day engagement for discussions with your team
  • A report with quick, actionable advice

You’d be surprised what you can get done in a single day when all you do is work on AWS bills. 

Billie Cutting Cost

AWS Cost Optimization

  • Lower your AWS bill with our 100% Money-Back Guaranteed cost optimization services
  • Keep Engineering on-task
  • Take action sooner rather than later

Did we mention we literally guarantee we’ll find places you can save?

Billie Contract Negotiation

AWS Contract Negotiation

  • Stop paying retail prices on AWS
  • Identify what a great deal looks like (for finance and engineering)
  • Have us liaise, advocate, and negotiate with Amazon on your behalf

We’ll get right to the heart of what you want from your partnership with AWS.

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