Our AWS experts specialize in finding areas for cost optimization, and negotiating contracts with AWS that save you money and set you up for success. We’ll review your bill and your architecture to map out where you can save, and strategize how we can best negotiate your contract based on your needs.

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Understand Your Architecture Inside and Out

We believe your organization’s unique architectural ecosystem is what drives your AWS cost. Duckbill meets with clients to understand your architecture, how it supports your product, and document your goals for reducing spend — all without sucking up too much of that precious engineering time.

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Decide Where to Allocate Resources Effectively

There’s no “one-size fits all” approach to AWS. In mapping how each of your business lines uses AWS, we help you understand the costs associated with that particular usage and show you areas for improvement so you can make informed decisions.

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Investing Wisely, Predicting Reasonably

There’s a fine art in negotiating the right AWS contract for your organization. Duckbill’s team of specialists are AWS cost management experts who unravel how your team uses AWS on a granular level to better negotiate discounts that target the specific cost drivers in your architecture.

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“In just a few weeks they helped us reclaim 10% of our entire operating budget. Best contracting money I have ever spent.”
Charity Majors,  CTO & Co-Founder,  Honeycomb
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“Duckbill came up with a meaningful unit economic KPI for us to use: cost per thousand document views. It’s helped bridge the gap between how Finance perceives what we’re doing and how Engineering and Product perceives it.”
Dylan Fried,  CTO & Chief Risk Officer,  Lendable
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“Our engagement with the Duckbill Group has allowed our organization to level up.”
Steve McColl,  VP of Engineering,  Action IQ
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“When Duckbill Group’s report said we’d save millions of dollars annually, everyone could see this would be a big win.”
John Sheeley,  Director of Cloud Engineering,  Fanatics

First Pass

You Get: A Quick Analysis

If you need a second set of eyes on your bill and your architecture but you’re not ready for a full deep dive — this is your best bet. Consider it like an espresso shot. It doesn’t take long to consume, and is still quite powerful. We’ll review your architecture, spend a day meeting with your team, and write a report summarizing our findings and recommendations.

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Cost Optimization Project

You Get: An Exhaustive Review

We’ll look through your AWS environment today to account for your engineering, and financial needs, help your team understand cost drivers and identify all the ways you can reduce your bill. Working hands-on with your teams, we’ll pore through every detail and find ways to save. On average, we reduce our client’s spend by 15% to 20%, achieving payback on your investment within one to three months.

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AWS Contract Negotiation

You Get: A Better AWS Deal

We handle more AWS contract negotiations annually than many AWS Account Managers will in their career. Having consulted on billions of dollars (seriously!) in AWS contracts, we know how to get the right contract agreement for you faster and with less of a headache for you. Whether we’re at the table with you, or behind the curtain, we’re here to help.

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AWS Cost Management Training

You Get: improved team capabilities

As many organizations are now seeing the value having internal staff at least conversant on cost management practices and how to design cost-aware architecture, The Duckbill Group now offers cost management training workshops.

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