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The bill is climbing and you don’t entirely know why. Imagine if you had an analysis of what you’re spending money on that went beyond what Amazon’s Trusted Advisor or other SaaS offerings provided. Not just a report that broke down AWS spend based upon team and environment, but a real, proper, in-depth analysis of your bill, with recommendations that spoke to how your business works–with actionable next steps. You’d be able to address what’s in your AWS environment today, rather than guessing and hoping you’re in the same ballpark.


  • List Check MarkLower your AWS bill. Guaranteed.
  • List Check MarkWon’t disrupt Engineering’s progress
  • List Check MarkNo 80+ page reports
Lower My AWS Bill!

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Quote Icon We actually wish we had engaged Corey sooner. We saved the company a lot of money for very little effort, without needing to spend weeks of time researching into the issues. As soon as you can do 20 minutes of work to save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars, you feel a sense of regret that you didn’t do it earlier.
Raf Garcia,  CTO & Cofounder Clever