AWS Cost Optimization

  • Lower your AWS bill with our cost optimization services.
  • 100% money-back guaranteed.
  • Keep Engineering on-task.
  • Take action sooner rather than later.

Did we mention we guarantee we’ll find savings?

Billie AWS Contract Negotiation

AWS Contract Negotiation

  • Stop paying retail prices on AWS.
  • Identify what a great deal looks like (for finance and engineering).
  • Have us liaise, advocate, and negotiate with Amazon on your behalf.

We’ll get right to the heart of what you want from your partnership with AWS.

We’ve fixed enough AWS bills to create a few strongly held beliefs on what makes a company great at cloud cost management — and how to help organizations reach a higher level of cloud cost maturity over time. These principles and practices guide us in building our cost management services and throughout our work with our clients.

Our Approach


Your organization’s unique architectural ecosystem is the main driver for your cloud costs. As your understanding of your architecture grows (and as AWS services change), you can better identify where to adapt your cloud usage to decrease spend.


When your organization can see where your AWS costs are going along business lines, you understand the context for that cost and move from a vague pain around your bill to making informed decisions about engineering investments, cost optimization efforts, and budget forecasts. 


Pre-purchasing resources and negotiating your AWS contracts are great ways to save money on resources you’re committed to having. To achieve maximum savings, you need to ensure that your organization has effective practices and processes in place around these resources.


Effectively tracking unit costs allows for accurately forecasting your AWS spend. Defining and tracking your unit costs is important to be able to understand your infrastructure’s cost drivers and the interplay between cloud costs and actual usage. 

Our Philosophy

Software plus people is
the only workable answer.

Cost optimization is a problem requiring human expertise and attention. Software can make some parts of the job easier, but it can’t replace the human. Simply put, there’s no API for business insight.

We want you to be badass
at cloud cost management

We don’t want you to be reliant on our cost management services forever. We want you to thrive with a solid foundation, mechanisms for understanding your cost drivers and goals, and a way to have cloud cost be a part of achieving your business outcomes.

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Quote Icon The Duckbill Group came highly recommended, yet exceeded all our expectations. Mike and Corey know more about how AWS billing works than anyone else in the world, including all of AWS. In just a few weeks they helped us reclaim 10% of our entire operating budget. Best contracting money I have ever spent.
Charity Majors,  CTO & Co-founder,  Honeycomb

One-Time Cost Optimization Project

With a Cost Optimization project, you’ll be able to:

  • Address what’s in your AWS environment today(in a way that accounts for both the technical and financial perspectives)
  • Help your teams understand their cost drivers
  • Identify all the actionable mechanisms
    to optimize costs in your environment

You’ll receive a succinct report with 5-8 “big win” optimizations to reduce your bill. We typically identify savings between 15% and 20% reduction-over-spend, with a payback period of anywhere between one and three months. You and your team can implement these recommendations quickly— so quickly, in fact, that you’ll likely see the effects on your very next bill. 

Choose Cost Optimization to:

  • Lower your AWS bill. Guaranteed.
  • Keep Engineering on-task.
  • Take action sooner rather than later.

Did we mention we guarantee we’ll find savings?

AWS Contract Negotiation

EDP, PPA, and MAP contract discounts represent hundreds of thousands (to millions) of dollars in potential savings for your organization. Given the stakes, expert guidance is well worth it. 

We’ve consulted on a number of these negotiations for companies of a wide range of spend. We see more AWS contract negotiations than many AWS Account Managers see (we review 2-4 of these contracts each month, on average). That means when we negotiate on your behalf with AWS, we know what to say to ensure you end up with favorable contracts and custom discount terms.

When we’re involved, these contract negotiations go smoother and finish faster, which means there’s less headache for you, AND you get to use your new discounts sooner. Our involvement can be leading the negotiation or being the people behind the curtain, to your preference.

Choose Contract Negotiation to:

  • Stop paying retail prices on AWS
  • Identify what a great deal looks like (from both the finance and engineering perspectives)
  • Have us liaise, advocate, and negotiate with Amazon on your behalf

We’ll get right to the heart of what you want from your partnership with AWS.


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Quote Icon You can get AWS consulting from just about anywhere here in San Francisco. But with The Duckbill Group, you get white-glove, concierge level, bend-over-backward service, and excellent communication. You pay for results with a one-time fee, regardless of what it takes on their side. You know exactly what it’s going to cost and what you’re going to get out of it instead of eating hourly consulting fees. That’s a lot of peace of mind.
Tim Johnson,  Director of IT,  Hornblower Cruises & Events