Migration Advisory Consulting

If you’d like some help from experts (we see an average of one new AWS bill a week!), let’s chat.

Prefer the phone? Give us a call: +1 (833) AWS-BILL

When you’re talking about millions of dollars a year in investment in AWS, making mistakes is expensive. 

Before you migrate, get your strategy and proposed architecture reviewed by experts in AWS cost optimization, infrastructure, and billing who have done large-scale migrations before. (That’s us.)

We’ll look over your plans for your migration and architecture, validate your numbers, and either say:

Migration Advisory Consulting

This plan is great as-is!

Migration Advisory Consulting

This plan is hot garbage should be changed in X, Y, and Z ways

We’ll tell you, “This is where you’ve got things right. This is where you’ve got things wrong. And this is where costs might leap up and bite you.”

Get direct, unlimited access to experts with deep knowledge of AWS architecture and costs

As you move forward with your migration, you might discover you need to make architectural changes. When you work with us, you’ll have ongoing assistance with your migration architecture, including unlimited access to our team of expert Cloud Economists, Cloud Analysts, and AWS engineers. 

Ask us questions, get on-demand advice, bounce ideas off us, and get our insights into your migration, including feedback about design decisions and cost considerations. We’ll be able to confirm, “Yes, that’s how you have to do it,” or “No, you don’t want to use that service because of these hidden costs.”

Migration Advisory Consulting Migration Advisory Consulting
Quote Icon Working with Duckbill is like timesharing an AWS Architect. They’ve got that experience to tell us the cost impacts — including the undocumented costs — and why we should choose one over the other.
R. Tyler Croy,  Director of Platform Engineering,  Scribd

You’re probably thinking…

How do we get started?

To ensure the smoothest, most productive engagement for your organization, we start our work with a discovery portion so we can get informed about your unique environment. 

We spend several days of effort in our initial investigation — on-site and remotely —  to understand your application and all the unique constraints you have with it. Rest assured that our involvement will be minimally disruptive to your team, unless you feed us after midnight.

Can you help manage our relationship with AWS?

In a word, yes, though we can’t officially promise it.

You get the benefit of our extensive network of AWS staff, where we can work on problems on your behalf. We spend significant time building relationships inside Amazon beyond the account teams — in fact, we count many AWS staff among our personal friends and valued colleagues. This inside knowledge gives us an unusually clear perspective and an uncanny ability to get tricky situations resolved quickly (should the need arise).

What other problems can you handle?

As consultants, we’re here to take problems off your plate, not dish up new ones.

We recognize that your organization is facing its own unique set of painful challenges, so our services can be customized to your needs. Some of our clients also ask us for help with:

Add-On: A one-time financial model for your migration
Our financial analysts will build a detailed financial model to estimate the costs of your migration, both in costs to migrate and the run-rate of AWS spend once you’re in. 

Cloud Finance & Analysis

Add-On: AWS contract negotiation (EDP, PPA, MAP)
We can act as agents of your company in liaising between you and AWS, as well as discussing desires, constraints, and strategy with internal stakeholders (e.g., Product, Engineering, Finance). Our role is to help you get the best deal for your organization.

AWS Contract Negotiation


Why work with The Duckbill Group?

Working with us gives you certainty about your AWS infrastructure.  

You’ll have a clear roadmap to improving and controlling your AWS spend, which will equip you with the knowledge you need to explain and justify three important things:

  • Where all the money is going 
  • Why those expenditures are valuable 
  • What you’re doing to control costs

We work for you, not AWS

We don’t get a dime from anyone for recommending you do something. You can trust us.

We don’t take a percentage of your savings

We only bill one way: fixed-fee. You’ll always know what our help will cost before you sign anything. 

We tailor recommendations to your business

You get advice that’s tailored to your unique situation, not a one-size-fits-nobody binder, or fancy-sounding suggestions with a negative ROI.

We get to the point

We give you a concrete plan that considers your current architecture, future goals, and what makes you unique and different from the average bill. We focus on big wins, not minutiae.