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google cloud

Google Cloud is (Probably) Here to Stay

By Corey Quinn

For myriad reasons, GCP isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And that’s a good thing.

Compute Optimizer

With Compute Optimizer, AWS Finds an Actual Use For AI/ML

By Corey Quinn

AWS has granted my wish and turned its AI/ML focus toward the most intractable of problems: the AWS bill.

AWS Myths Debunked

5 Pervasive AWS Myths Debunked

By Corey Quinn

How did re:Invent get its name, what is EC2’s origin story, and how does Amazon name its services? We spoke with company brass to find out.

AWS Begins Sunsetting RIs

AWS Begins Sunsetting RIs; Replaces Them With Something Much, Much Better

By Corey Quinn

Don’t worry, Reserved Instances will still be around. You just don’t have to think about them anymore unless you want to.

AWS Cross-AZ Data Transfer

AWS Cross-AZ Data Transfer Costs More Than AWS Says

By Corey Quinn

When it comes to the exact cost cross-AZ data transfer, the AWS documentation is a bit ambiguous. So I ran a little experiment to figure out how much it costs to move data between availability zones in the same region.

AWS isn't killing your business

AWS isn’t killing your business, you just suck at it

By Corey Quinn

Lots of companies are quick to blame AWS for their problems. They should be blaming their own boneheaded moves instead.

Multi-Cloud Dashboard

You Need a Multi-Cloud Dashboard Because I Want To Sell You One

By Corey Quinn

The only vendors selling multi-cloud dashboards are the ones who’d be out of business if you didn’t buy them.

Happy Birthday Werner Vogels!

Happy Birthday Werner Vogels!

By Corey Quinn

After watching enough of his talks to recite them by heart, The Duckbill Group says “happy birthday” to Amazon CTO Werner Vogels in our own special way.

vCPU-based on-demand service limit

What the hell is a vCPU-based on-demand service limit?

By Corey Quinn

AWS is very eager to tell you something that they can’t quite articulate.

aws data transfer

Understanding Data Transfer in AWS

By Corey Quinn

How much does it cost to move a terabyte of data in AWS? Who the hell knows. We tried though, and created a diagram to illustrate it.

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