Corey Quinn

AWS Begins Sunsetting RIs

AWS Begins Sunsetting RIs; Replaces Them With Something Much, Much Better

By Corey Quinn

Don’t worry, Reserved Instances will still be around. You just don’t have to think about them anymore unless you want to.

AWS Cross-AZ Data Transfer

AWS Cross-AZ Data Transfer Costs More Than AWS Says

By Corey Quinn

When it comes to the exact cost cross-AZ data transfer, the AWS documentation is a bit ambiguous. So I ran a little experiment to figure out how much it costs to move data between availability zones in the same region.

Multi-Cloud Dashboard

You Need a Multi-Cloud Dashboard Because I Want To Sell You One

By Corey Quinn

The only vendors selling multi-cloud dashboards are the ones who’d be out of business if you didn’t buy them.

aws data transfer

Understanding Data Transfer in AWS

By Corey Quinn

How much does it cost to move a terabyte of data in AWS? Who the hell knows. We tried though, and created a diagram to illustrate it.

lower AWS bill

How ConvertKit Could Lower Its $64K Monthly AWS Bill

By Corey Quinn

ConvertKit posted their AWS bill, so I’ve given it a full analysis just like I do for our clients. Here’s six easy ways to improve their AWS bill.

Oversized shoes

Right Sizing Your Instances Is Nonsense

By Corey Quinn

Many cost optimization companies will talk about right-sizing instances or VMs as if it were trivial. Many companies have no idea about what they speak.

A pile of money

4 Reasons Lyft is Smart to Pay AWS $300M

By Corey Quinn

The internet lost its mind when it came out that Lyft is paying AWS $300 million dollars. I’ve got four reasons for you why they’re smart to do it.

How to Properly Engage with AWS Enterprise Support

By Corey Quinn

AWS Enterprise Support is a fantastic waste of money–unless you use the support it buys you properly, at which point it becomes a jewel beyond price.

AWS Contract Negotiation

The Post AWS’s Billing Team Could Have Written But Didn’t

By Corey Quinn

The idea of having multiple AWS accounts in your organization broken out not just by team but also by cost center isn’t the terrible idea that some people (including me until a year or two ago!) tend to assume it is. Permit me to explain why.

What I Don't See From AWS Support

What I Don’t See From AWS Support

By Corey Quinn

Today Randall Hunt posted an “emotional rant about AWS support” chronicling what he’s seen from them over the past ten years, and invited others to chime in with their experiences. Given that I’m arguably one of the four most sarcastic observers of AWS in the world, I figured I’d take him up on that invitation […]

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