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What’s the Difference Between an EDP and a PPA?

By Mike Julian

What’s the Difference Between an EDP and a PPA?

Tl;dr Nothing, they’re functionally the same thing.

Why Cloud Finance Is Broken and Ineffective

By Mike Julian

Cloud finance is more “cloud” than “finance.” This fundamental misunderstanding leads to very ineffective cloud finance efforts. Here’s how to fix them.

S3 Intelligent-Tiering: What It Takes To Actually Break Even

By Alex Rasmussen

As Cloud Economists, we’re often asked when it makes sense for an object to be in Amazon S3’s Intelligent-Tiering (“S3-IT”) storage class. The answer, as is unfortunately often the case in the world of consulting, is “it depends”. There are two primary considerations before you jump into S3-IT: an object’s access pattern and its size. […]

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